Blackberry 8530 Keypad Problem Solution

Posted by Dede Holis on Saturday, 25 May 2013

Blackberry 8320 Keypad Solution - In this post will discuss if the keypad blackberry 8530 is not functioning properly, you should check first course keytone keypad in good condition, not dirty or wet corrosion, if keytone in good condition, the first step you have to resolder ic keypad as shown below, make sure all the fine pitch solder in place, often with resolder keypad ic as shown, Blackberry 8530 keypad problem will be resolved, but if it does not work, you can try the second step, the second step you can rehot ic as shown below, if by doing rehot not work, you can replace the ic, good luck.

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Blackberry 8530 Keypad Problem Solution
Blackberry 8530 Keypad Problem Solution
 Note: Often blackberry 8530 keypad problem because the problem keytone dirty, damaged or wet corrosion, replacing Blackberry 8530 keytone problems you have can be resolved.

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